Monday, July 18

Movie Review: Beautiful Lies

The talented Audrey Tatou and the altogether-too-delicious Sami Bouajila star in this lovely French Film about, well, essentially, the lies one tells to keep life beautiful for the ones you love. An alternative title could be "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

The basic premise is this - Jean, an intellectual turned handyman due to unfortunate circumstances pens a old-fashioned love letter to Emilie, his boss and owner of a hair-dressing salon. Emilie, who is consumed with the breakdown of her parent's marriage, forwards the letter on to her mother, who she feels needs it to cheer her up. This leads to a whole comedy of errors that keeps you in good humour, albeit being cringe-worthy at times.

Like when Maddy (Emilie's mother) has the most awkward conversation ever with the man who she thinks loves her, but he has no clue whatsoever why she is behaving so. The director makes no effort to spare the audience of the intense discomfort that one feels when you see someone making an utter fool of themselves. Her delusion and his confusion become your own - all you can do is squirm uncomfotable, giggle nervously and hope to God she will stop already.

I was particularly moved by Sami Bouajila's performance in this film. An actor previously unknown to me, his face was a vertitable canvas on which the director painted ever conceivable emotion. To watch him move through lovesickness, fear, confusion, betrayal, anger, coldness, hard-heartness, sympathy, pain, loneliness and finally fulfillment and love was a wonder to behold. Loved it.

I am glad my friend AJJ(J) made me watch this movie. I, in turn, highly recommend it.

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shroom said...

and you're certain him being absolutely yummy had nothing to do with the fact that you feel his performance was splendid? HAHA