Sunday, January 23

Thank You

It was an awesome reminder at sermon yesterday.

Unspoken Gratitude is Ingratitude.

So often, we feel thankful for someone or something, but pride, momentary madness or sheer forgetfulness prevents us from saying those two little words.

And of course, we have been on the receiving end of that also.Doing something nice for someone and not receiving any thanks for it.

So I will find people to thank today. People I haven't thanked in a while, but whose presence in my life, I will always be grateful for.

Thank you for reading this.


McNilan said...

I thank you for sharing such a wonderful message today. Special thanks for this.

Thanks You,

David Poon said...

Thank You & check this out: <- a website totally dedicated to gratefulness

David Poon said...

After service today, I told my wife I wanted to email the pastor for his great message but was worried that such an action will bring too much attention to myself (I'm just visiting this church & in my opinion Pastors don't get much thanking emails). On hearing that, my wife just said "If you're too concern with the email do to you than what it does for the recipient, you're just being selfish".

So yeah, silent gratitude is just ingratitude (and self-centeredness)

Great Post.

shroom said...

You're welcome!